Business Training

Company Benefits

A company’s success also depends on communication.

Employees face an endless exchange of ideas, messages, and information as they deal with one another and with customers day after day.

How well they communicate can determine whether a company quickly grows into an industry leader or joins thousands of other businesses mired in mediocrity.

Toastmasters provide the tools that enable employees to become effective communicators and leaders all at a very low cost.

Toastmasters Training Helps Individuals

  • give better sales presentations

  • hone their management skills

  • work better with fellow employees

  • effectively develop and present ideas

  • offer constructive criticism

  • accept criticism more objectively

Company Toastmasters Clubs

We can work with companies to help set up company clubs for employees to benefit from improving their presentation and speaking skills.

Thousands of companies all over the UK and Internationally operate Toastmasters clubs and confirm the benefits that the individuals and the company have enjoyed.


For those companies that would like to sample the benefits of the Toastmasters learning experience, a special programme of training called SPEECHCRAFT is available.

A reasonable charge is made for the course materials and expenses which are paid to the local Toastmasters club that arrange the programme.

This can help companies to develop their employee’s presentation skills more effectively and at a far lower cost than other more expensive options.

From time to time the Speechcraft programme may be made available to members of the public for a fixed fee. To check current availability and cost visit

or… contact the club to learn more.