Membership of Manchester Orators costs £15 per month paid by Direct Debit (DD).

When you first join we expect that your Direct Debit will remain active for a minimum of 6 months to fully cover your membership fees.

Effectively we have changed from a higher ‘one-off fee’ to a staged payment method.

After the first 6 months your £15 DD will continue to be collected to accrue sufficient funds to continue your membership.

There is an initial joining fee of £36 which is also paid by clicking on the new member Direct debit link.

Payment of these fees entitles you to participate in the Toastmasters communication and leadership program.

You will receive the following:

  • Manchester Orators membership.
  • Access to the club members website.
  • Toastmasters’ monthly magazine.
  • Toastmasters’ Competent Communicator manual. ( for members joining before March 2018)
  • Toastmasters’ Competent Leader manual. ( for members joining before March 2018)
  • Useful reference material.
  • Competent Communicator award upon completion of manual projects ( for members joining before March 2018). 
  • Competent Leader award upon completion of leadership roles. ( for members joining before March 2018)
  • A personalised letter sent from Toastmasters International HQ to your employer confirming your achievements (at your request)