Membership Fee Payment

You can set up a Direct Debit for your club fees thanks to our partnership with GoCardless.

This will show up on your statement as GoCardless.

There is an initial £50 joining fee for new members. If you are renewing or transferring from another Toastmasters club, you do not need to pay this fee again.

Monthly recurring fees are £15 per month.

We regret you cannot choose payment dates, but we can now offer a choice of: the first of each month or “about now each month”.

Please note that because we pay your whole 6-months membership to WHQ when you join, we expect that you will keep the DD active for at least 6 months after joining.

Get your bank account details handy (often these are at the bottom of your debit card), and click the relevant link:

Monthly Direct Debit – 1st of month
click here to pay £15 on the first of each month


Monthly Direct Debit – asap
click here to pay £15 around this time of month every month (within 3 days)

If you have not already paid a joining fee, please ALSO make a one-off payment by the separate DD process:

One-Off Joining Fee
click here to £50 one off joining fee

If you have not yet registered with Manchester Orators by completing the application form, please do so.

Click here to complete the Application Form.



Here is the summary of what you must do:

We sometimes have new members not completing all of the steps needed to join, perhaps because all of the above is not read through or is forgotten. To help ensure that your application is processed as soon as possible please ensure that you complete Each and all of the following steps.

If you are a new member:

1] Complete the application form.

2] Complete the DD for the joining fee.

3] Complete the DD for the monthly fee. (Committing to a minimum of 6 payments).

If you are a renewing, transferring or returning member:

1] Complete the application form (Including your TM members number).

2] Complete the DD for monthly payments. (Committing to a minimum of 6 payments).

If you follow the above guide then all will be well.

You will be entered on to the club membership roster as soon as we have all the elements completed and you will get a message telling you how to log in to book roles on the website.

Your details will be added to the main Toastmasters site when we receive the payments via our DD processor (GoCardless). This may take a couple of weeks, depending upon the date you set up the DD.

Once you are added to as a full international member, you will get a message from WHQ telling you your login to start the Toastmasters Training programme called Pathways. Before then you can take on roles in meetings and discuss your personal goals with our Vice President of Education. They may also schedule your first speech.