Membership Fee Payment

You can set up a Direct Debit for your club fees thanks to our partnership with GoCardless.

This will show up on your statement as GoCardless.

There is an initial £36 joining fee for new members. If you are renewing or transferring from another Toastmasters club, you do not need to pay this fee again.

Monthly recurring fees are £15 per month. We regret you cannot offer a full range of dates, but we are now offering a choice of the first of each month or “about now each month”.


Get your bank account details handy (often these are at the bottom of your debit card), and click the relevant link:

Monthly Direct Debit – 1st of month
click here to pay £15 on the first of each month


Monthly Direct Debit – asap
click here to pay £15 around this time of month every month (within 3 days)

If you have not already paid a joining fee, please ALSO make a one-off payment by a similar process:

One-Off Joining Fee
click here to make a one-off payment of £36


If you have not yet registered with Manchester Orators by completing the application form, please do so.

Click here to complete the Application Form.